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Cowboys Butcher Shop Steakhouse - STEAK HOUSE Restaurant in Haifa

Cowboys Butcher Shop Steakhouse - STEAK HOUSE Restaurant in Haifa


Price per kilo

179 ₪
Sirloin steak
169 ₪
filet steak
230 ₪
159 ₪
Premium lamb chops
159 ₪
Argentine fillet steak
179 ₪
Entrecote bone
179 ₪
T-bone steak "Porterhouse"
179 ₪
Veal spareribs
159 ₪
Saddle of lamb Premium
159 ₪
Kebab skewers on cinnamon sticks
85 ₪
Kebab patties
85 ₪
Romanian kebab "Bucharest"
85 ₪
Veal cutlets and lamb
85 ₪
Hamburger Patties
85 ₪
Chicken tenderloin skewers
85 ₪
Chicken breast schnitzel
48 ₪
Half chicken without a central object
58 ₪
chicken liver
48 ₪
chicken hearts
65 ₪
Baked barbecue chicken wings
48 ₪
Veal spicy sausages
85 ₪
Chorizo sausage veal
85 ₪

Main dishes

The main courses are served with corn on the cob, plus a choice: French fries / mashed potatoes / baked potato / rice / salad vegetables from the oven

One personal dose selection by caretaker

Veal rings
Argentine outdated
Argentine outdated
Sirloin steak
Argentine outdated
Spareribs ribs
Premium lamb chops
Skewers outdated
Veal kebab skewers
Cinnamon sticks
Beef meatballs and lamb
Romanian kebab "Bucharest"
Mixed meats Cowboys
Mixed Sausages
Chorizo and spicy merguez
chicken skewers
Traditional seasoning / marinade barbecue
Veal fillets
Pepper cream sauce / mushrooms
American Cordon - Blue
chicken schnizel
Golden crumbs
Viennese veal schnitzel
Crumbly golden
Grilled chicken breast
Cajun spice
Skewered chicken hearts
chicken liver
Stir-fried with onions and white wine
Neapolitan lasagna
Texas Burger
300 grams
Salmon fillet fish "New Orleans"
Norwegian salmon salad
Stir-fried wok
Stir fried vegetarian dish salad
Wu Asian sauce
Vegan dish
Lebanese shawarma
Salad G'rg'ir
Ali G'rg'ir rivers, pomegranate seeds, red onion, sunflower seeds
Quinoa Salad
Red pepper, green onions, celery, parsley, walnuts, cranberries, radishes

Intermediate courses

Chicken fillet schnitzel
Golden crumb coating
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Texan barbecue marinated grilled
Chicken liver pate and jams
Crispy Onion Rings
South American Chorizo sausage
Merguez sausages
Advanced sharpness
Stuffed with veal, South American style
2 types from the center of the table is served free